Pineapples in Peril
Book One of The Hawaiian Island Detective Club Series

Slashed, mashed, and left to rot . . . Pineapples reduced to a puddle of gross mush.

Thirteen-year-old Leilani Akamai pictures secrets, stakeouts, and spies in her future as she, along with her friends, Maile and Sam, solve their first real crime.

Unless, of course, Leilani's younger brother, Kimo, worms his way into the mix. Sleuthing belongs to Leilani and her friends. They are the only official members of The Hawaiian Island Detective Club.

Besides, Kimo has already ruined her summer. Gone are Leilani's days of hitting the waves. Surfing is out and she blames him for her broken arm, now in a clunky, itchy cast. To top things off, Kimo might interfere with the pineapple vandalism case at Tong Plantation and blow their entire investigation.

And the ugliness continues when Leilani's beloved surfboard ends up in the hands of her dreaded enemy.

Seriously? Can the summer get any worse?

A Little Teaser From Chapter One:

Ekahi (One)

I leapt off the lanai, dodged between two palms, and powered through the rows of pineapples. The perfect getaway, but a quick peek over my shoulder proved I was not in the safety zone yet. My brother, Kimo, bounded out of the house and across the sand, sprays of the grit billowing up behind him.

Oh man, he'd seen me! I'd been so careful, but the little twit must have been hiding somewhere, watching. I used the anger to propel me faster. The Hawaiian sun blazed down on my bare arms and legs. Trying to ignore the heat, I blasted through the spiky leaves, eyes set on the road just beyond the pineapple fields.

Strands of hair escaped my flopping, dark brown ponytail and stuck to my glossed lips. The small backpack, strung loosely on my shoulders, slapped with each pounding step. Sucking in a major breath of fruity air, I stretched each stride further and increased my lead. But how long would I have to run before my little brother would give up the chase? He seemed to have made it his life's mission to irritate and frustrate me. Why couldn't he just leave me alone? This was my stuff--my life--not his.
Cheryl Linn Martin
Mysteries for Kids . . .            
                     & Kids at Heart

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Book 1

Big News!!!

Pineapples in Peril, Book One of
The Hawaiian Island Detective Club Series

Will Release on OCTOBER 2, 2012!
(check Amazon before October for pre-orders)

Enjoy this description and a teaser from book One,
although it may change slightly
once it is actually in print.