Cheryl Linn Martin
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Book 2

Menehunes Missing
Book 2 of The Hawaiian Island Detective Club Series

Release Date: February 5, 2013

The acrid smell of billowing smoke
from a fire set as a diversion sends a clear message for
Leilani Akamai, Maile Onakea, and Sam Bennett
to shift into Detective Club mode,
and discover who is stealing the statues of
Hawaii's Leprechaun-like little people.
And why.

A Little Teaser From Chapter One:

Ekahi (One)

I smoothed the crumpled paper, stared at the words, and read the first clue.

I'm Menehune Number One. Find and check me out if you can.
I'm hiding amongst kids and chords.

Maile Onakea and Sam Bennett, my best friends, burst into my room.

Sam jumped onto my bed, his shaggy blonde hair flopping around like palm fronds in the wind. "Did you get it? I'm crazy pumped about this whole Menehune Hunt thing. Bet no matter how hard the clue is, you've already figured it out, huh? Come on, Leilani! Read that puppy out loud."

Maile giggled. "Sam, you're insane." She plopped onto my bed, tucked a strand of her long hair behind an ear, and locked dark brown eyes on mine. "So, what does it say?"

I ignored her question. "You guys sure got here fast."

"My mom and I picked up Sam, then came straight here. Mom thinks it's cool we're doing the statue search thing."

I nodded. "So does mine. She says the money raised will really help the school. Guess there's been a couple hundred people who've already paid the entry fee." I pictured myself starting eighth grade with a computer room full of brand new equipment.

Sam groaned. "Okay, so everyone's mom is happy. No need to party about it. Show us the clue. Let's get on this wave and ride it all the way. We have a totally great chance of winning 'cause we're amazing at solving stuff. Just like the whole pineapple mystery. So, get on it, Leilani. We're waiting."

"I will if you'll stop babbling for a minute."


I loved Sam's endless talking. It entertained me, but it also motivated me. Today was no different. I really wanted to do the Menehune Hunt. And be the first to find all eight of the little statues. It wasn't a real mystery, but I'd use the same skills to figure out the clues. "Okay. Here it is." I read aloud to my friends.

I'm Menehune Number One. Find and check me out if you can.
I'm hiding amongst kids and chords.

Sam stared at me, his face scrunched as if he'd just sucked on a lemon.

Maile grimaced. "Huh? What a crazy clue. We'll never figure it out."