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Like Video And Computer Games?

Kimo Akamai, Leilani's ten year old brother, loves them.
Below are links to fun games with a bit of a Hawaiian twist.
Just click on the names and play. Enjoy!
And don't forget to scroll down to
snorkel and feed my tropical fish!

Please note: When you click on one of these links,
you will be leaving Cheryl Linn Martin's web site and blog,
and going to a site that is not connected with Cheryl Linn Martin.
She has not been involved in the content preparation of these unaffiliated sites.
She does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for their content.

Catch lots of smiley faces before you wipe out!

Jump over obstacles and hit the buoys without wiping out!

Choose the boy or girl surfer. Catch as many coins as you can before wiping out!

This one's written in Spanish, so just try your hand at surfing using the space bar and
the arrow keys without wiping out!

Toss bananas into the barrels. Are you fast and good at aiming?

Aim at the correct falling coconut to spell a word. Fun, and works your brain too!

Type the words on the sharks to make them go away. Then do the treasure chest game to gain treasure points. Fun, and works your typing skills too!

This guy is soooooooo cute! Do lots of tricks, ride ramps, rails, benches, and more.
Simple, fun game for young girls.

Simple, fun game for young girls.

Munch on small fish and don't get eaten by the big ones!


THE FISH WILL FOLLOW you, hoping for some food.